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Nant Distillery - A Tasmanian Whisky ...

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Nant Distillery - A Tasmanian Whisky Producer Conquering the World

It seems that whisky lovers around the world know something that Tasmanians are only just starting to realise – Tasmania produces a mighty fine whisky. It’s a product that has us being compared to the big boys from Scotland, Japan and America, and in some cases even beating them at their own game. Introducing Nant Distilling Company – the cream of our crop.
Nant Distilling Company has been on the scene since 2008, the year they completed the restoration works at Nant Estate. Built in 1821, the estate was in disrepair when the Batt family purchased it in 2004. They painstakingly rebuilt the buildings to original standard stone by stone, dredged the millpond and restored the ...

Grandvewe – Taking Tasmanian Sheep Ch...

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Grandvewe – Taking Tasmanian Sheep Cheese To a Whole New Level

What started as a hobby at the kitchen table in Brisbane has turned into an award winning business in Tasmania, breaking the typical cheese moulds around Australia with a unique style and flavour. Or maybe that should be spelt EWE-nique. 
Sheep’s milk is more common than you may think – once you move past the fact that it is possible to milk a sheep, you’ll discover the milk can be found in yogurt, ice-cream and soaps, and is a perfect drinking milk for those who are lactose-intolerant. The majority of sheep milk from around the world is turned into cheese, and the best of these cheeses can be found here in our very own Tasmanian backyard.
Grandvewe - A Family Run Bu ...

Rawlings & Kirup Park Dexter Studs - ...

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Rawlings & Kirup Park Dexter Studs - A Tasmanian Success Story

Rawlings & Kirup Park Dexter Studs - A Tasmanian Success Story
Mark and Margaret Rawlings’ story begins in October 1996 in Western Australia, when they were given a cow as a wedding present. After collecting a few more females, they began to look for a bull to service their growing herd. They purchased a Dexter, and their love affair with Dexter cattle began.

What are Dexter Cattle?
Dexter cattle were highly valued by peasant farmers in Ireland in the 1800’s, because their small stature was perfect for their small tenant farms, and being a hardy animal, they thrived in the tough climate. Worldwide, the popularity had declined by the 1970’s, and the Dexter breed was ...

What is Tasmanian Food Guide?

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What is Tasmanian Food Guide?

Over the past few weeks, the team here at Tasmanian Food Guide have had an amazing response to what we are trying to achieve and we have been shown incredible support from many of you not only in the public, but also from the many people working within the Tasmanian restaurant and food services industry who have been in direct contact with us. We have been able to tell our story, explain our aims and where we would like to be to each person we have spoken to individually, and in return have heard some incredible stories about each of the businesses and individual people working in the Tasmanian restaurant and food services industry.
So what exactly is Tasmanian Food Guide and what is our pr ...