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Cradle Coast Farmers' Market - Suppor...

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Cradle Coast Farmers' Market - Supporting Local Tasmanian Producers

What do you get when you combine several local farmers wanting to avoid early weekend morning starts at farmers’ markets further afield, with local dedicated and passionate foodies? A small dynamic not for profit group running a weekly riverside farmer’s market, complete with the dramatic Dial Range as a backdrop!
Welcome to Cradle Coast Farmers' Market – held each Sunday from 8.30am-12.30pm at The Wharf, Ulverstone. This is a true farmers' market, making a name for themselves by connecting locals and farmers with an enticing range of award winning, fresh produce – much to the delight of the local council, who are happy to see their shiny newly redeveloped wharf buil ...

Top 10 Cafés in Hobart 2014 – Editor’...

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Top 10 Cafés in Hobart 2014 – Editor’s Choice

Everyone has their own favourite café, restaurant or food outlet, and we each have our own personal tastes in food. A particular cuisine may appeal to one person, but not be so exciting or tasty to the next. What one person expects in service levels, the next person may not find so important. 
The dictionary meaning of café is "a small or inexpensive restaurant or coffee bar, serving light meals and refreshments". One of the great things about the food sector in Hobart and the rest of Tasmania is there is no shortage of cafés to dine out in, or where you can pick up a coffee or juice made to your liking. 
So with this in mind, here are the Tasmanian Food Guid ...

Daci & Daci – Hobart’s Home of Heaven...

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Daci & Daci – Hobart’s Home of Heavenly Sweet Treats

When gazing into the windows of Daci & Daci, you will believe yourself to be in a cobble-stoned street in 19th century France. Look past your reflection, and take in the wonders on display – cakes and pastries topped with fruit, the sticky glazed pastry flaking off, which draws your eye down to the chocolate éclair, the fluffy cream bursting out from between the crunchy pastry.
Next to that, an apple Danish, the fruit cut as fine as paper. Your mouth slackens, as the sweet scent of baked goods, mixed with a hint of strong coffee and fresh bread bursts in a cloud around you, as a customer pushes open the door. You follow them inside in a daze: what is this heavenly wonder?

Spreyton Cider - A Sparkling Product ...

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Spreyton Cider - A Sparkling Product Of Tasmanian Apples

Picture this: Tasmania – a land of mountains and valleys, of bright green rolling hills sweeping down to blue rivers running over rocks, wallabies dodging out of sight as the land levels off, and an orchard comes into focus. Thousands of trees stand in hundreds of rows. Zoom in on a leafy branch, weighted down by bright red apples begging to be plucked. A happy tune plays as a gloved hand reaches out, grasps an apple and tugs. Free, the apple joins the crate. Off it goes to the shed filled with gleaming machinery, ready for that apple to be processed into delicious cider.  
Tourists think this is a myth, and wonder how the Tasmanian countryside could be so idyllic. They dream of ...