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Van Dieman Brewing - A Tasmanian Succ...

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Van Dieman Brewing - A Tasmanian Success Story

At an age when most of us were only just discovering wine comes in glass, not just casks, Will Tatchell had developed an extraordinary palate and thirst for good grog. The 33 year-old says he’d sampled every beer on the Australian market by his late teens and was already dreaming up bigger and better brews. 
As to when Will worked out he wanted to make beer his life, a vague fantasy for the general population, he can’t quite put a finger on it.
“There was no defining moment, it was more of a curiosity,” he says fresh from morning coffee and invoices.  

Will would ask his lecturers at the University of Tasmania to help tailor his Agricultural Science deg ...

Hobart's Farm Gate Market

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Hobart's Farm Gate Market

Every Sunday morning, a very dedicated group of people brings together some of Tasmania’s best producers, value-adders, baristas and buskers to deliver an event that has become part of the Hobart scene - Farm Gate Market.
Sitting and chatting with Madi Peattie, the market’s creator and driving force behind its success, one can’t help but admire Madi’s humble approach, especially considering the Farm Gate Market won the 2015 Tasmanian Tourism Award for ‘Excellence in Food Tourism’.

Having started in October 2009, Farm Gate Market just celebrated six years of operation. As we approach Christmas 2015, Madi has 250 growers and suppliers on her list of rota ...

Wellington Apiary : A sweet, sweet life

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Wellington Apiary : A sweet, sweet life

He’s a fireman who was a nurse and she’s a former public servant with a cracking sense of humour. They live in Sandy Bay with their two young children and weimaraner. Robin and Antonia O’Brien might not fit the typical apiarist mould, but since beginning Wellington Apiary six years ago, the pair have settled in royally well.
“I didn’t think I’d end up making honey but I’m glad it’s worked out like this!” says Antonia, fresh from fixing hives.   
This sweet business demands hard work, patience and smarts. All of which the young couple who met in a Hobart nightclub, have in spades.  
“We make everything by hand. W ...

Mr Burger arrives in Tasmania!

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Mr Burger launches in Tasmania in October 2015

One of Melbourne's favourite food vans is expanding its patch to Tasmania.
Mr Burger has been operating in Victoria since 2012 and will bring its delicious American-syle burgers to Tassie with a launch at Room For A Pony (338 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart) on the 30th of October from 5PM-7PM.  
It's not just any launch either... Mr Burger will be giving away free burgers to celebrate the start of their Tassie business!

Earlier this year, full-blooded Taswegian, Alex Haros, sampled his first Mr Burger on a trip to Melbourne. Consumed by the deliciousness, Haros decided to bring ‘Melbourne’s Best Food Truck’ (The Age, 2014) back to his home town of Hobart. After mo ...

James Welsh : Sommelier Superstar

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James Welsh : Sommelier Superstar

Drinking $60,000 worth of the best wine in the world all day and all night with industry elite for a week in the Hunter Valley. Tough gig. No, really, it will be.
“Every morning we judge 40 wines then have an afternoon master class with the likes of James Halliday, Iain Riggs and Tim James. We then look at even more wines over dinner. So the pressure’s on from 9am til you go to bed,” says James Welsh, co-owner and Sommelier of Launceston’s famed Stillwater Restaurant and Black Cow Bistro.
This relentless schedule of vino is the format of the 2015 Len Evans Tutorial. Each year, a select few industry professionals are plucked from a mass of applicants to learn from th ...

Hartshorn Distillery – A new whey to ...

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Hartshorn Distillery – A new whey to produce Tasmanian vodka

Hartshorn Distillery is a new Tasmanian business that is something of a trailblazer.  It’s a cousin to Grandvewe Cheeses, which has been producing sheep milk cheese in Birchs Bay, south of Hobart, for 13 years.
Starting Out
This unique distiller produces Tasmanian vodka from sheep’s whey. Ryan Hartshorn, the owner and manager of Hartshorn Distillery gave Tasmanian Food Guide some insight into how this seemingly unlikely spin-off came to be.
“The sheep’s whey is a bi-product of the cheese making process. I’ve been planning the development of the distillery for about two years now and it’s great to finally have it up and running”. 
In an ...

Hundred Acres at Ghost Rock Vineyard

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Hundred Acres at Ghost Rock Vineyard

Something exciting has been bubbling on the North-West Coast of Tasmania, and if you follow the aromas, your nose will lead you to the brilliant new cooking school at Ghost Rock Vineyard.
Far from just a cooking school, Ghost Rock has never been ‘just’ a winery either.
The vineyard has become an icon within the region; establishing itself as a premier entertainment venue for the North-West Coast with it’s popular Concert In The Vines. The annual event held each summer on the grass amongst the grapes allows the vineyard to attract rock legends to the North West Coast of Tasmania; having previously played host to the likes of Ross Wilson, ...

A Chocolate Lover's Guide To Tasmania

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A Chocolate Lover's Guide To Tasmania

Warning: Do not read this article without a decent supply of chocolate at hand. Be sure that you are aware the location of your nearest 24 hour chocolate store, because without it - the insatiable desire that will stir in your appetite when you read what is about to be revealed to you, will be simply unbearable.
In all seriousness, Tasmania is one of the world’s best kept secrets as a chocolate lover’s haven. The abundance of good quality, creamy milk from local dairies coupled with fresh flavoursome produce such as juicy berries, nuts and liqueurs - has well and truly put Tasmania squarely on the chocolate lover’s map.

Tasmanian Ocean Produce - Taking The ...

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Tasmanian Ocean Produce - Taking The Plunge With Alex Isles

Forget crayfish and abalone. There’s other sweet, edible treasures buried beneath Tasmanian waters being rounded up in droves by diver, Alex Isles. 
The 29 year-old started the business, Tasmanian Ocean Produce last year. Alex says he saw a gap in the market and took the plunge. 
“Most of the guys catching periwinkles and sea urchins are doing it on the weekend or for fun. The other guys diving like me seem to focus on supplying big volumes to the domestic markets rather than the niche ones. So I wanted to focus on peris and urchins rather than compete with the big boys for crays and abalone,” he says. 
Alex says periwinkles, or peris, are a large marine ...

A Cheese Lover's Guide to Tasmania

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A Cheese Lover's Guide to Tasmania

Tasmania’s cheese industry is worth more than a staggering $350 million per year. The island state boasts the perfect conditions for making exquisite cheese - high rainfall, lush green valleys, the cleanest air and the freshest water in the world.
Most of all, Tasmania lays claim to the most passionate, hardworking and dedicated cheesemakers who have chosen the state to build their dream and produce magnificent cheese for us all to enjoy.
A trip to Tasmania is not complete without a tour of the wonderful cheeseries dotted across the island. Tasmania does not do anything half-heartedly; if they are going to give you some of the best wines ...