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Frank Restaurant and Bar Review

by on 25/03/2015 - 03:47 am

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Frank Restaurant and Bar Review

With the sound of cocktails being shaken, playful samba paired with the loud and lively banter of drinkers and diners, and cheerful waitstaff briskly attending to the busy Friday night service, the atmosphere at Frank Restaurant and Bar on Hobart’s Franklin Wharf was upbeat.
From the moment we opened the door, we immediately began to soak up the uplifting energy of this venue. The decor is modern and appealing, with hues of dark chocolate contrasted with iridescent blue, and unique tall glass panels adorned with interesting bright coloured designs.
This place is extremely popular, and we strongly recommend making a booking. If you haven’t made one (as we haven't on any of our v ...

Barilla Bay and Candy Ab Create Tasma...

by on 22/03/2015 - 10:10 pm

in Hobart, Tasmanian Producers

Barilla Bay and Candy Ab Create Tasmanian Shellfish Hub

Tasmania is well established as a producer of fresh, premium produce and it’s now becoming more common for locals and visitors to be granted access to the farm gate, cellar door or factory. The goal is for consumers to see and feel firsthand how the state’s sought after goods are produced.
More and more consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about how and where their food is made.  In Tasmania the distance between place of production and the plate is greatly reduced and this presents an exciting opportunity for produce lovers to get up close and personal with their favourite things to eat and drink.
The recent tourism partnership between Barilla Bay Oysters and Cand ...

One Degree at Fairholme

by on 18/03/2015 - 05:45 am

in North West Coast

One Degree at Fairholme

Ben Milbourne is opening his farmhouse to visitors to undertake private food tours and dining experiences from his residence, Fairholme, located in the heart of Tasmania’s North West coast.
Tasmania is fast becoming the premier food and wine destination. In the past it has been the sheer beauty of the state that has drawn visitors however there has been an awakening; visitors are now able to visit many farm gates tasting the fabulous produce straight from the producer. The North West coast of Tasmania boasts produce that is exclusive to this stunning part of the world. From Australian exclusive chocolate made from rare beans from the Peruvian Mountains to the largest producer of singl ...