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Vino Valley - Five Must Visit Tamar V...

by on 27/05/2015 - 12:27 am

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Vino Valley - Five Must Visit Tamar Valley Vineyards You May Never Have Heard Of Before

Cool-climate, not far from the ocean, rich earth and passionate people: the Tamar Valley is brimming with everything it takes to make good wine. So it makes sense the region is now awash with vineyards, most of which are welcoming the public in to sample the goods.
Most places will charge a small fee per person for tastings. But this tends to be waved if you take a bottle or three off their hands. Also, shipment of big buys can be arranged.
There’s a bunch of great vineyards on offer, but here’s a few that you may never have heard of before which are certain to impress:
A good place to kick off your tour of the Tamar is Velo, just 10 minutes from central Launceston. ...

The Glass House Hobart Restaurant Review

by on 17/05/2015 - 04:52 am

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The Glass House Hobart Restaurant Review

There has been much anticipation around the opening of The Glass House, the new high-end restaurant and cocktail bar located at Hobart's new Brooke St Pier. It is fantastic to see development surfacing around the Hobart waterfront, continuing the restaurant strip from Salamanca through to Sullivans Cove.
The official opening of the restaurant is still a few weeks away but they have had a soft opening over the last couple of weeks, with a limited menu which is changing weekly and is designed to give you a bit of a taste of what's in store when the full menu is released in a few weeks.
Media interest has generated a lot of attention with particular focus on a $50 cocktail (The Hobartian Side ...

Red Cow Dairies - Quality Tasmanian C...

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Red Cow Dairies - Quality Tasmanian Cheese & Sustainable Farming

Clean air, fertile soil and lush pasture year-round. Tasmania’s North West has long been home to some of Australia’s most productive dairy country, which lead Andy and Matt Jackman to relocate their dairy herd from Victoria to Tasmania. We’re sure the cows didn’t complain and given the quality of the milk and cheeses that Red Cow Dairies now produces, we’re certainly not either.
Red Cow Dairies works with nature rather than against it, feeding soil life, balancing soil minerals and improving the local environment through biological farming techniques. Amongst many benefits, these techniques lead to lowering rates of disease on the farm and ultimately, an increa ...