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Pumphouse Point Review - Tranquility ...

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Pumphouse Point Review - Tranquility In The Tasmanian Wilderness

If you didn’t know that Pumphouse Point is currently one of Australia’s hottest accommodation destinations, you certainly would not be able to tell just by looking at the outside of the heritage listed buildings themselves. And that is exactly the way Simon Currant and his team have developed this stunning property situated on Lake St Clair - Australia’s deepest lake.
The construction of the original buildings at Pumphouse Point were initially completed in 1940 and were to be used to pump water from Lake St Clair into St Clair Lagoon for use at the Tarraleah hydro electricity station. Having never been used for it’s intended purpose, t ...

Huon Aquaculture - Seriously Special ...

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Huon Aquaculture - Seriously Special Salmon

For Peter and Frances Bender farming, whether on land or sea, has always been about family, passion, care and quality.  A combination of innovative farming, a low stress philosophy and a dedication to working with and maintaining the natural Tasmanian environment have all led to producing a product recognised around the world for its superior quality and ethos. What began with one pen of trout and one lone employee is now recognised as Australia’s premium producer of Atlantic Salmon and Ocean Trout.

As local Tasmanians Peter and Frances met by chance in 1978 on the Ida Bay Railway, Australia’s southern-most railway, and just two years later they were ma ...