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Tamar Valley Truffles - A European Fl...

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Tamar Valley Truffles - A European Flavour in Tasmania

Truffles in Tasmania
If the wise phrase that encourages us to not judge a book by its cover ever applied to food, the French black truffle would have to be a suitable subject.  

Tuber Melanosporum or the world-renowned French Perigord Truffle is a very irregularly shaped fruiting body of a fungus that grows in a mutually beneficial relationship with the roots of either oak or hazel trees.  Although modest and arguably unappealing in appearance, these subterranean gems are revered worldwide for their intense, unique flavour and strong aromatic smell. 
Originating in Europe, the bulk of the world’s black truffle production still takes place in France, Spain and Italy. ...

Garden of Vegan - The business of bei...

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Garden of Vegan - The business of being Green

Do not be alarmed. This eatery in Launceston’s CBD may not have milk, eggs, cheese or meat but you can be sure to leave satisfied and even a little enlightened.
“We’ve had a few people go, wow this is vegan?! I think it’s given them a totally different perspective about what vegan food is,” says owner Katherine Moran.
She says common myths of vegans as carrot munching, mung bean boiling herbivores have been largely dispelled since the business kicked off a couple of years ago.
“Many people have this really poor mindset about it so it was always my idea to tell and teach people how it is we eat – it’s not boring, it’s not plain, it&rsqu ...