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A Cheese Lover's Guide to Tasmania

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A Cheese Lover's Guide to Tasmania

Tasmania’s cheese industry is worth more than a staggering $350 million per year. The island state boasts the perfect conditions for making exquisite cheese - high rainfall, lush green valleys, the cleanest air and the freshest water in the world.
Most of all, Tasmania lays claim to the most passionate, hardworking and dedicated cheesemakers who have chosen the state to build their dream and produce magnificent cheese for us all to enjoy.
A trip to Tasmania is not complete without a tour of the wonderful cheeseries dotted across the island. Tasmania does not do anything half-heartedly; if they are going to give you some of the best wines ...

Geronimo Aperitivo Bar & Restaurant -...

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Geronimo Aperitivo Bar & Restaurant - A Touch of European Tradition In Launceston

If you could open a restaurant anywhere in the world where would it be?
When Jeremy Kode and partner Viktoria Neumann were deciding where to bring to life a dream of theirs, Italy lingered as a possibility. But so did the island no doubt unknown to most: Tasmania. 
Jeremy sits in a tailored blue suit, sipping coffee and discussing the pair’s plan to bring something rather special to this state, with measured gusto.
We’re in Fresh Café on Launceston’s Charles Street, just a couple of doors down from what will soon be the city’s newest spot for food, wine and a little something in between.
Geronimo Aperitivo Bar and Restaurant is set to be sleek and cont ...

Off Center - A New Addition To Launce...

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Off Center - A New Addition To Launceston's Bubbling Café Scene

A former motorcycle garage that’s now serving single origin coffee, pies and pumping out the Sex Pistols. Off Center is a new addition to Launceston’s bubbling café scene and boy is it good.
Owners Cara Massey and fiancé Banjo Lockhart, a 30 year-old who used to work as a safety officer on skyscrapers, wheeled out the business in late May with the aim of setting themselves apart from other cafes by staying open late. On Tuesday til Saturday, the place is open throughout the day before a little afternoon break then open til 10pm.
“I hope the night time trading becomes an institution, giving people a reason other than half price movie tickets to come out on a ...

Tasmania's Massimo Mele Comes Home To...

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Tasmania's Massimo Mele Comes Home To Cook

Massimo Mele picked up a bunch of spinach and couldn’t believe his eyes. Nor could he believe its refrigerated state a couple of days after buying it from Hobart’s Farm Gate Market: still so green, so alive. While he can’t credit his entire move to Tasmania to spinach, the chef admits it’s an example of the emerging food scene that lured him back. 
After 20 years of cooking in some of the country’s busiest, best kitchens and alongside the famed chefs who owned them, as well as running his own renowned operation, extensive travel, TV appearances, accolades and playing brand ambassador; Mele has returned to put his stamp on Tasmania. It hasn’t been all ...

Top 10 Best Pizza Restaurants in Hoba...

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Top 10 Best Pizza Restaurants in Hobart 2015 - Editor's Choice

In the spirit of public service Tasmanian Food Guide has scoured Hobart to find the best pizza restaurants for 2015. Our commitment to delivering you only the best knows no bounds. We have endured the carbohydrate overload. We have battled our way through kilos of salami, the piles of ham, the countless cans of pineapple and the endless string of mozzarella cheese to satisfy your desires for the best pizzas. Pizza could possibly be considered a food group of it’s own. It’s a family staple, a side dish to those Friday afternoon beers. It’s a football lover's best friend. Who doesn’t love a good pizza? We sure do.
Our criteria for this list was quite simple - t ...

A Few Places To Eat In Tasmania's Nor...

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A Few Places To Eat In Tasmania's North West

You’ll soon discover Tasmania is divided into regions of distinct people and localised produce. Hobart is a hive of politics, art, edgy eating and late nights dotted with whisky sours and the lights of Salamanca. Besides some of this planet’s most recognized pristine beaches, the East Coast casually serves up walnuts, olives and oysters. Up north, enterprising youngsters are beginning a fresh wave of modern food, craft beer and superb coffee. And along the Northwest Coast and beyond, there’s a string of honest operations offering you a detailed taste of a region dominated by red dirt, lush hills and the unforgiving Bass Strait. What’s to follow are a few, but by no me ...