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Tasmania's Massimo Mele Comes Home To...

by on 10/08/2015 - 07:31 pm

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Tasmania's Massimo Mele Comes Home To Cook

Massimo Mele picked up a bunch of spinach and couldn’t believe his eyes. Nor could he believe its refrigerated state a couple of days after buying it from Hobart’s Farm Gate Market: still so green, so alive. While he can’t credit his entire move to Tasmania to spinach, the chef admits it’s an example of the emerging food scene that lured him back. 
After 20 years of cooking in some of the country’s busiest, best kitchens and alongside the famed chefs who owned them, as well as running his own renowned operation, extensive travel, TV appearances, accolades and playing brand ambassador; Mele has returned to put his stamp on Tasmania. It hasn’t been all ...