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Spreyton Cider - A Sparkling Product ...

by on 04/09/2014 - 03:37 am

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Spreyton Cider - A Sparkling Product Of Tasmanian Apples

Picture this: Tasmania – a land of mountains and valleys, of bright green rolling hills sweeping down to blue rivers running over rocks, wallabies dodging out of sight as the land levels off, and an orchard comes into focus. Thousands of trees stand in hundreds of rows. Zoom in on a leafy branch, weighted down by bright red apples begging to be plucked. A happy tune plays as a gloved hand reaches out, grasps an apple and tugs. Free, the apple joins the crate. Off it goes to the shed filled with gleaming machinery, ready for that apple to be processed into delicious cider.  
Tourists think this is a myth, and wonder how the Tasmanian countryside could be so idyllic. They dream of ...