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Mr Burger arrives in Tasmania!

by on 27/10/2015 - 09:23 pm

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Mr Burger launches in Tasmania in October 2015

One of Melbourne's favourite food vans is expanding its patch to Tasmania.
Mr Burger has been operating in Victoria since 2012 and will bring its delicious American-syle burgers to Tassie with a launch at Room For A Pony (338 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart) on the 30th of October from 5PM-7PM.  
It's not just any launch either... Mr Burger will be giving away free burgers to celebrate the start of their Tassie business!

Earlier this year, full-blooded Taswegian, Alex Haros, sampled his first Mr Burger on a trip to Melbourne. Consumed by the deliciousness, Haros decided to bring ‘Melbourne’s Best Food Truck’ (The Age, 2014) back to his home town of Hobart. After mo ...

Hundred Acres at Ghost Rock Vineyard

by on 15/09/2015 - 04:50 am

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Hundred Acres at Ghost Rock Vineyard

Something exciting has been bubbling on the North-West Coast of Tasmania, and if you follow the aromas, your nose will lead you to the brilliant new cooking school at Ghost Rock Vineyard.
Far from just a cooking school, Ghost Rock has never been ‘just’ a winery either.
The vineyard has become an icon within the region; establishing itself as a premier entertainment venue for the North-West Coast with it’s popular Concert In The Vines. The annual event held each summer on the grass amongst the grapes allows the vineyard to attract rock legends to the North West Coast of Tasmania; having previously played host to the likes of Ross Wilson, ...

A Few Places To Eat In Tasmania's Nor...

by on 06/08/2015 - 01:17 am

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A Few Places To Eat In Tasmania's North West

You’ll soon discover Tasmania is divided into regions of distinct people and localised produce. Hobart is a hive of politics, art, edgy eating and late nights dotted with whisky sours and the lights of Salamanca. Besides some of this planet’s most recognized pristine beaches, the East Coast casually serves up walnuts, olives and oysters. Up north, enterprising youngsters are beginning a fresh wave of modern food, craft beer and superb coffee. And along the Northwest Coast and beyond, there’s a string of honest operations offering you a detailed taste of a region dominated by red dirt, lush hills and the unforgiving Bass Strait. What’s to follow are a few, but by no me ...

Red Cow Dairies - Quality Tasmanian C...

by on 05/05/2015 - 12:59 am

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Red Cow Dairies - Quality Tasmanian Cheese & Sustainable Farming

Clean air, fertile soil and lush pasture year-round. Tasmania’s North West has long been home to some of Australia’s most productive dairy country, which lead Andy and Matt Jackman to relocate their dairy herd from Victoria to Tasmania. We’re sure the cows didn’t complain and given the quality of the milk and cheeses that Red Cow Dairies now produces, we’re certainly not either.
Red Cow Dairies works with nature rather than against it, feeding soil life, balancing soil minerals and improving the local environment through biological farming techniques. Amongst many benefits, these techniques lead to lowering rates of disease on the farm and ultimately, an increa ...

One Degree at Fairholme

by on 18/03/2015 - 05:45 am

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One Degree at Fairholme

Ben Milbourne is opening his farmhouse to visitors to undertake private food tours and dining experiences from his residence, Fairholme, located in the heart of Tasmania’s North West coast.
Tasmania is fast becoming the premier food and wine destination. In the past it has been the sheer beauty of the state that has drawn visitors however there has been an awakening; visitors are now able to visit many farm gates tasting the fabulous produce straight from the producer. The North West coast of Tasmania boasts produce that is exclusive to this stunning part of the world. From Australian exclusive chocolate made from rare beans from the Peruvian Mountains to the largest producer of singl ...