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Nant Distillery - A Tasmanian Whisky ...

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Nant Distillery - A Tasmanian Whisky Producer Conquering the World

It seems that whisky lovers around the world know something that Tasmanians are only just starting to realise – Tasmania produces a mighty fine whisky. It’s a product that has us being compared to the big boys from Scotland, Japan and America, and in some cases even beating them at their own game. Introducing Nant Distilling Company – the cream of our crop.
Nant Distilling Company has been on the scene since 2008, the year they completed the restoration works at Nant Estate. Built in 1821, the estate was in disrepair when the Batt family purchased it in 2004. They painstakingly rebuilt the buildings to original standard stone by stone, dredged the millpond and restored the ...