Jin Xing


63-65 York St
LAUNCESTON, Tasmania 7250

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You’ll received incredible service at Jin Xing, which compliments the delicious food. From takeaway, to dinner, to events, the menu features traditional Cantonese cuisine with a contemporary twist. Suitable for vegetarians. Leave room for dessert!

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NASTY! HORRIBLE!! AWFUL!!! could not even consider them food, let alone to verify the dishes being Chinese, or their claim to be authentic Cantonese! YUCK!!! (!!! no stars !!!)

18 Jan 2015, Sunday, around 7.30pm
Two people

I am Chinese, born and bred. Now living in Melbourne Australia.

Sang Choi Bao -- filling was doused with some kind of thick unidentifiable brown liquid. AUD$11.50
Quail -- About the only acceptable semblance that is food in this whole ordeal. AUD$7.00
Hot and Sour soup -- Very salty! Not hot, not sour, just salty! Could not even tell what soup based was used. Looked, felt, and tasted like salted thickened water. AUD$7.00 x2.

Lohan Delight -- salty! Cauliflower, zucchini, baby corn (strange ingredients for this dish!). Petrified tofu (yup! It was that tough!) Doused in brown unidentifiable thickened water. AUD$19.50
Rainbow Duck -- very dry duck and rancid smelling. Doused in some kind of reddish colour sauce, could be mistaken for highly salted sweet-chilli sauce. AUD$26.00
Steamed rice -- very small bowl AUD$3.00.

No complimentary tea.

I could not finish my soup. We took only a couple of bites from the mains and could not continue.

They have a policy of No Refund -- which really means of you didn't like it, tough sh*t!. Yuki the supervisor (?, old woman), she said that she could cook the dishes again for us. When asked if she is going to cook the same dishes, she said yes. ?? We were talking to her quietly, softly and trying not to make a scene, but at this stage she was already raising her voice for everyone else (about 6 guests, all Caucasian Australians) to hear, loudly claiming that she has a lot (pointing to the 6) of happy customers. In the end she said in a huff it's either she'll cook dishes again or give us 10% discount.

We took our 10% discount and left as fast and as far away as we could. The total bill came to AUD$83.60.

We ended up in a Food Hall having much more satisfaction with the food at only AUD$9.90 each.

Did I mention that I am Chinese, and was talking to Yucki in Mandarin?

Yuck! really really yuck!

28/01/2015 - 02:38 am


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