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Rated Cruzin' in the 50's Diner with on Jun 6th

Waited over an hour for meals

We wanted to have a family get together for 3 birthdays, all local to deloraine, so we decided to give the 50s diner a go. One member of our group called up to book early in the week, and was welcomed with we have to be out by 8pm if having dinner, so we decided to book for lunch instead, then it was a hassle that we had a booking of 20ppl. She made the point on the phone that she would have to put on more staff and didnt seemed impressed at that. (more people is more money??) Today we arrived for our 1pm booking, some of us were there at 12.45pm to deliever the 3 cakes. once all arrived by 1pm, we sat down, no assistance, no menus brought over. After waiting we had to help ourseleves to the menus on the counter, then waiting at our table no one came to take our order, so we decided to line up at the counter with other patrons. Once waiting in line, the older lady behind the counter said to the younger waitress to take our order at the table, so we all had to go and sit back down again. Once our order was taken the wait began. It was 1.40pm and none of the drinks had been brought over, so another group member went to the counter and the older lady to collect the ordered drinks as it had been over 30mins since our order was placed, she had our docket in the line, but all the ones in front were milkshakes and hot drinks, we agreed to wait for those beverages also, but could we have the ciders and other drinks that take 2seconds to get out of a fridge. The answer was still no and she was not willing to help. Once 2pm rolled around the young waitress brought over our drinks, 15mins later some of the meals started to appear, after 3 other tables whom arrived later than us got their meals. So its 2.15pm and we arrived at 1pm. Some meals were okay, but majority were crap! The chips were cold, chicken burgers over cooked and rubbery, also the lettuce in the burgers was the stalk pieces and one burger even had the core of the lettuce, which no one would like to eat! Once we finished our meals, no one came over again to clear away or see if we needed the cakes brought out, yet again we had to wait at the counter and asked the older lady to please bring out our cakes now. 15mins later the cakes did come out, courtesy of the young waitress, and a kitchen hand, but they also forgot to provide plates, napkins, forks or spoons and a knife to cut the cakes with! So up to the counter we went again. Several times we considered the option to get up and walk out, as they werent interested in our business and most likely wouldnt do anything to ensure payment, but instead we decided to stick it through and see if they were going to offer an apology or discount for the very poor experience we had! nothing, took our money and couldnt careless. Its horrible that it could be beaming with more great reports if they hired more staff and also cared about their restaurant. Make your patrons welcomed, check on their meals, see if they require more drinks. We could of spent hundreds of dollars more if they came and asked for entrees, more drinks or tea and coffee. The young waitress did a great job of always buzzing around clearing, serving meals, making drinks, a great congrats to her, but as for the older lady, she needs to have a personaility check if you want to work with people. Please look into taking on good and bad feedback as we want to help small business stay open, but also dont want to be waiting excess time for a basic meal.